Saturday, September 8, 2007


And they told me it was infatuation.
That you were just a passing fancy
that came along with growing up;
and that you'd gradually fade with time.

But I knew better what it was all about.
The moment I set my eyes on you,
it was like I've always known
You'd change my life completely.

Yet they don't understand that.
They can't. Perhaps they never will.
So, I built my world around you
and heard their deafening laughter.

You are my source of strength.
The deepest breath I take,
my very heart and my very soul,
my everything.

And this thing called forever?
It's wearing your name like a badge on my shoulder
it means beyond all tomorrows
It's that childlike faith that guides me...
...this thing called forever.

--by: Claire S. /2007

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