Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is for my "OceanSky" and the oceans of love that I have been blessed to share with you....

by C. Louise S.

Three decades of deep slumber
soon I awake, I see my ocean sky
swimming, drowning in pools of amber
eyes that mirror my heart's long cry.
Come wade in love's sweet waters,
your soul and mine afloat shall mate;
sailing thus, to happy ever-afters,
two hearts now beat as one by fate.
Beloved, the wind carries your name
stirring waves and waves of longing deep;
Out of depths from where I came,
The sun in your eyes,oh let me keep.
Just as the waves rush to kiss the shore
and once-broken wings take flight,
the journey ends, we search no more;
Together we bask in love's pure light.

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