Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Healing Presence of a Shadow

I think I went a little crazy over Shakespeare's sonnets when I wrote this one back in college. My classmate and friend, Luci Grace(God rest her soul), showed this to our English Professor who then gladly provided the title for this(many thanks, Mr. Ed Fernandez).

That moment in time when clouds do take
away the golden rays that stretch beyond
to meet the outstretched hand quivering
shaking in the quest for warmth
that time of year most thoughts of Thee occur
long before Thou had come the cold arms
of emptiness embraced me
tightly that I was like a rose
unkissed by morning dew
Thou hast shown me the bright flowers
dancing beneath the sunny sky the music
of raindrops and the beauty of teardrops
Dearest one, Thy touch had saved the life of me
To care that much, Thy heart must be of gold.

---The Healing Presence of a Shadow
by C. Sienes 11/21/1989

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